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XRef Wizard

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The XRef Wizard plugin provides a variety of functions associated with structured cross-references, including:

Additionally, the Wizard provides an optional cross-reference insertion pod that may be used in place of the native pod. While it has a similar operation and purpose to the native pod, it includes a variety of time-saving and usability enhancements, such as:

New Cross-Reference pod

A primary vision for the Wizard is to provide tools for cross-reference management within a scheme of granular content reuse. If you frequently move content between files, especially with a plugin such as FrameSLT, you may have problems with broken cross-references. As mentioned earlier, a cross-reference becomes broken if its target is moved to another file, and FrameMaker is not able to resolve that situation with native tools. With the Wizard, however, you can move cross-references and targets between files at will, and resolve them afterwards based on their ID links alone.

Even if you do not engage in heavy content reuse, the Wizard has features that may make cross-reference management easier. To download a free, fully-functional trial version of the XRef Wizard, click here. The trial version has no time limit, but will occasionally "inform" you that it is indeed a trial version.


Note that the Wizard operates on structured cross-references only; that is, cross-references wrapped in structural elements. Also, note that this plugin does not intend to suggest that there is anything wrong with cross-reference functionality in FrameMaker. It is simply an enhancement tool for a variety of purposes.