Please read this agreement carefully before clicking one of the buttons below. If you agree to the terms, please click the appropriate button and enter the required payment information, if applicable. Once your payment is processed, you will receive the software via web download, unless otherwise requested. If you are unable to download large files (.5 - 3 MB), please advise us so we can make other arrangements.


West Street Consulting

Purchase/Download Agreement

By purchasing and using this software, I understand that West Street Consulting and associated individuals make no guarantees to its functionality or reliability. I agree to hold West Street Consulting and associated individuals harmless from any losses that may result from the purchase and use of this software, including hardware and software damage, and data loss.

I understand that West Street software is frequently catered towards content manipulation and can perform sweeping, irreversible alterations to data and content. It is my responsibility to use the software with care and I will hold West Street harmless from any damage caused by improper or inadvertent use of the software.

Software and/or documentation may change at any time without notice.

A single license allows me to install the software on a single PC only. A site license allows me to install the software on an unlimited number of PCs throughout my organization. In either case, I agree not to distribute this software to any unauthorized third parties or outside organizations, if the license agreement states as such. Any other use constitutes a misuse of the software.

ABCM 1.0        

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Download FM 8


AXCM 2.0        

Download (All FM versions)


AXCM 3.41        

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FrameSLT 3.x        

InsetPlus 3.x    



XRef Wizard 2.x        

Structure Tools 2.x        

WS Utilities 2.x        

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