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The West Street office will be closed for vacation from Monday, June 12 through Wednesday, June 14. Responses to emails and software purchases may be significantly delayed during this time. If you want a prompt reply for a purchase, please wait until Sept. 8 to make it. Thank you for your understanding.

FrameMaker 2015 note

FrameMaker 2015 builds are now available for all plugins. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

At West Street, we believe that structured FrameMaker is one of the most versatile and affordable documentation tools available. It is our commitment to provide software and ideas that unlock the true capabilities of structured authoring within FrameMaker, especially with regards to content transformation and single-sourcing. With West Street products, you can perform activities not possible before without XML, databases, and a lot of money.

Ever wonder why you had to go to XML or databases to do all the cool stuff? Ever think that there has to be something better than conditional text?  So did we.  Check out our products information to learn more and download fully-functional trial versions.

Thank you for visiting us. Please contact us for any information you can't find here, including information on consulting and training. info@weststreetconsulting.com



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